I was brought up to believe you should always live the most interesting life you can.    

Nick McDonell, American writer

What makes coffee experiences interesting? 

Moments that we remember…Forever

For me, interesting experiences are inspiring moments that I will remember.

Let’s close our eyes and let’s think about the last time we truly enjoyed wonderful coffee moments – what did we do and why did we enjoy the experience so much?

I remember many different moments. Many of them offered something that I had never experienced before. In a special way, interesting coffee moments offer great pieces of – yet unknown – art that will become a part of us.

I not only remember, what I did and with whom I was with, but I also remember, how these moments made me feel. Interesting coffee moments are able spark emotions. If we are trying to express what we are feeling, we are creating art. Emotions can lift up our spirit and make us more driven than ever.

Moreover, I remember interesting coffee moments because they were feeding my mind by causing me to think creatively. I learned something new and gained inside into something I hadn’t thought of before.

Black coffee
Cup of black coffee

Inspiring stories behind each cup

Interesting coffee moments tell us the inspiring stories behind every cup we brew. These stories celebrate passionate farmers, roasters or pottery artists who put their heart and soul into their daily work. Their work captivates me and makes my coffee experiences magical. In one way or another, I can identify with them and their work.

As a matter of fact, I love to explore the stories behind each coffee cup. Maybe the beans are from a plantation with adopted fascinating sustainable practices, or a region with a unique identity.

Coffee in outdoor

The beauty of details & balance

Interesting coffee moments are also about mindful preparation, presentation and enjoyment. It’s about discovering and paying attention to details, which are often hidden. These special moments are also about balance, compositions, the utensils that are being used and the environment and company around us.


My own TOP coffee experiences:

  1. Preparing and drinking coffee in nature
  2. Coffee expriences in coffee shops around Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. Amazing coffee shops with special coffee enviroment. https://www.bayawe.com/?s=chiang+mai
  3. Coffee in Gallery Drip coffee in Bangkok, Thailand. https://www.bayawe.com/the-gallery-drip-coffee-bangkok-a-work-of-art/
  4. Coffee at LaViet cafe in Da Lat, city in central Vietnam. https://www.bayawe.com/unique-coffee-spot-la-viet-dalat-central-vietnam/
  5. Coffee at roasters Nylon in Singapore. https://www.bayawe.com/my-favorite-coffee-places-in-the-lion-city-singapore/
  6. Coffee experiences in Ubud, Bali. https://www.bayawe.com/ubud-top5/
  7. Amazing coffee in Panama city, around old town https://www.bayawe.com/panama-born-globalized-panama-city-coffee-travel-blog/
  8. Amazing passionated farmers in Costa Rica: https://www.bayawe.com/aroma-tarrazu-costa-rica/ , https://www.bayawe.com/organic-coffee-nauma/ and https://www.bayawe.com/the-highlands-of-alajuela/

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