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Light and transparency are some of the main features of La Viet. The high and open space of the innovative coffee shop is surrounded by glass walls, allowing passers-by to see whatโ€™s going on inside. Glass walls also surround the roaster and workshop inside the building. Pipelines are visible across the walls; they remind the guests that they are drinking their coffee in a place, which is also a factory.

Guests mingle around a long wooden table around the coffee bar and enjoy watching the baristas, how they mindfully prepare and serve freshly roasted single origin espresso or filter coffees using various pour-over methods or the AeroPress. Customers may choose between local Bourbon or Typica Arabica varietals, which are displayed in glass jars right next to them on the bar table.
La Viet is a new, fresh and one-of-a-kind venue in Da Lat. The coffee shop stands out for its unusual concept and design and is revolutionizing the local coffee scene in Vietnam. Quang Tran and his team are building a supply chain for local quality beans.

baristas in work, laviet

Baristas in Laviet

Local specialty coffee still has to find approval in Vietnam. Up until now, not many Vietnamese coffee-lovers came to La Viet. Most of their guests, as Quang Tran points out, are either foreigners or locals who really love coffee.

Quang Tran and his crew believe that Vietnamese people are not ready yet for specialty coffee. The La Viet team has the ambitious goal to change the way Vietnamese people think about coffee. They not only organize tours to coffee plantations, but they also hold open tasting events of recent harvests in their roasting lab.

La Viet Coffee shop in Dalat

La Viet Coffee shop in Dalat

The La Viet crew is ready to share their passion for cultivating, processing, roasting, preparing and enjoying specialty coffee. They want to introduce their guests to flavours that are like nothing they had ever tasted in coffee before. Baristas are ready to educate their guests about all the different factors that make coffee taste the way it does. The owners want to teach people that each bean from each growing region releases its own unique flavours.

La Viet Coffee shop in Dalat

La Viet Coffee shop in Dalat

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