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1. Seniman Coffee Studio3



Seniman Coffee Studio

Seniman is a spacious and beautifully designed coffee shop in the center of Ubud. The team offers a wide variety of flavourful syphon, pour-over, Chemex and Aeoropress brews made with single-origin coffee beans from Indonesia, Africa, and South and Central America. Seniman celebrates their relationships with coffee growers.

Seniman is a common Indonesian word and means an artist. The atmosphere of this coffee-shop speaks for itself. They not only have an artisan approach to coffee preparation and consumption, but also space is filled with inspiring, modern and environmentally responsible designed elements. The coffee drinks are served on handmade wooden trays with four slots: Three of them are for the coffee cup, the water, and the filter. And there is one more slot for a small homemade cookie. The water is served in a recycled jar.


Anomali Coffee

Anomali Coffee is a small Indonesian chain and one of the country’s leading coffee roasters specializing in serving Arabica selections from all over Indonesia. The coffee drinks are prepared with several different brewing procedures. The branch in Ubud is located next to the busy farmer market. It’s a peaceful and inviting coffee-shop, where the baristas remember your name. The coffee-shops’ terrasse and minimalist, the industrial-interior design creates a casual and relaxed atmosphere.


Monkey Cave Espresso Ubud

We like this coffee-spot a lot! It’s located next to Ubud’s famous Monkey Forest. This coffee shop lives up to its name. If you come here early in the morning, you will see monkeys around. Many of them are moving around on the wires. The Monkey Cave serves espresso-based coffee drinks. It’s the top place for espresso drinks in Ubud. The Baristas are very friendly and because of them, the atmosphere is happy, relaxed and welcoming.  


Made in Ubud

This coffee shop and roastery is a little bit further away from the center of Ubud, but trust us, their flavourful brews are worth the ride! It’s one of the best places for coffee-lovers. Made in Ubud has a spacious, cozy sitting area with fascinating views over rice fields. They prepare their coffees with the Hario V60 and Aeropress.


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13KTQmbS6IU?ecver=2]

Juria House

Juria House is a small, charming coffee spot that offers an unusual, local coffee experience serving coffee that is made only from one particular legendary old coffee-plant variety: the Typica species of Arabica coffee called Juria.

This coffee shop is very interesting and looks like somebody’s room. The owner is originally from Japan. His name is Ryuichi Hirakawa. If you want to get to him and his inspiring story, please have a look at this wonderful website: 



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