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Tree Dripper combo from Bayawe


Thanks to unique design of coffee stand and dripper, what it is remining tree. Brown bottom, character of root and light glaze top coffee dripper.

Enjoy not only flavours and aroma of coffee, but also the preparation process.

Every moment it is important, not only the final coffee drinking. Thanks to new stand and dripper specially designet to best result. So, the design it is not only esthetic but also functional. Check my background and you will see I have rich skills like barista and brewer.

Great and esthetic not only for your home, but also to small coffee shops. Under stand you can easly fit regular mug (225 ml) 

Tree Dripper combo from Bayawe
You can use for Hario scale

Coffee stand with coffee dripper

Handmade Modern Pour-Over Coffee Dripper Stand and Ceramic Dripper Combo.

Nice designed stand for dripper from natural materials and made with traditional methods.

Every stand and coffee dripper it is original and hand made by order. Each stand has different colour structure.

Tree stand for Dripper
You can use for Hario Drippers

Stand or Pour-over holder Item details:

  • Handmade item
  • Made to order
  • Colour: light brown, brown
  • Approx. measures:
    • Top ring – inside Ø = 65 mm (enough to hold Hario diripper V60)
    • Bottom Ø = 110 mm ( enough to use for Hario pour-over scale)
    • High = 145 mm, weight = 350g
  • Materials
    • It’s a handmade mixed clay ceramic fired at 1160 C, not glaze

Dripper and pour-over details:

  • Handmade item
  • Made to order
  • Colour: light green
  • Approx. measures:
    • Top Ø = 110 mm 
    • Bottom Ø = 40 mm
    • High = 90 mm, weight = 190g
  • Materials
    • It’s a handmade stoneware, matt glaze fired at 1300 C,
    • For dripper you can use Kalita (185, also 155 size) or any paper filters with flat bottom like Fellow, Brewista, you can use also Hario or Melita filters
Inside of Dripper


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