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What is most important with coffee brewing

I would say everything. All the processes are important. Hard to tell which one is most important. But I have tried to analyze, and in my opinion, these are the most important things:

Kalita traditional kettle vs. Long neck kettle

Kalita traditional kettle vs. Long neck kettle

  1. Plan what you want to do.
  2. Kettle – I put it on first because you need hot water. Water is approximately 95% of the coffee. If you know how to pour the water, you can play with the flavours of the coffee. If the kettle is not comfortable in your hand, or if it is not stable in your hand, the stream of water will not be consistent, and you can, for example, splash smaller and lighter parts of the coffee grains to the middle of the dripper and block it.
  3. Grinder – With a cheap grinder you can get a variety of grinds so that each cup of coffee from the same coffee beans can be different.
    Coffee grinds from Porlex and Timemore manual coffee grinders.

    Grinding of those two grinders

  4. Water – I have found many times in different locations that there is a very big difference in the quality of the coffee.
  5. Finally, to get to the point, what many people will get at the beginning are coffee beans. With coffee brewing, quality and freshness of the coffee beans are very important. It is best is use coffee beans rated around 88% and more, and not older than 4 weeks after roasting.
  6. Filter – Don’t use cheap paper filters for good coffee beans. Use the best, or rather don’t use it at all.
  7. Coffee dripper for heat stability is best used in ceramic or glass. Plastic is good when traveling, the same thing with steel, but they can have the bad aftertaste.
  8. .Server – Decanter or jar is the best as they cool down coffee temperature faster. I prefer the glass one because you can see the colour of the coffee as it drops into the decanter.
    black coffee in galss, curtains

    Filter coffee at Abonzo coffee shop

  9. The timer and scale can help a lot as you don’t need to follow two different displays.
  10. Your environment is very important, where you prepare the coffee, somewhere where you will feel good and comfortable. It depends on your personality.


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