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The way a person does one thing is the way they do everything. –

an old Zen saying.

How are we holding our coffee cups? Do you pay attention :-)?

As a matter of fact, some psychologists suggest that the simple act of holding a coffee drink reveals some of our key personality traits or how we feel at the current moment.
Eric Standop, a professional face and body language reader, also pays attention on the way people hold their drinks to get an idea about their personality, mood and intentions.

Here are some relevant and interesting suggestions:

Openness & approachability

Some people are holding or placing their cups firmly in a barrier position across the body between them and whoever they’re talking to. In doing so, they are creating so-called ‘invisible walls’. By keeping the cup between themselves and others, they appear guarded and closed.
Shifting the cup from hand to hand in front of other people creates a so-called psychological barrier. Subconsciously, the person we are interacting with will pick up the message ‘I don’t feel comfortable around you’.

If we want to signal openness and interest in the person we are interacting with, we should hold and place the cup at our side instead of close to our chest.

Some people are more likely to follow rules

Myka Meier, founder and director of Beaumont Etiquette, demonstrates the ‘correct’ way to hold a coffee cup:
“Loop your index finger into the handle and keep your thumb on top of the handle. Your remaining three fingers — middle, index and pinkie — are tucked into the palm of your hand.”
Source: KATE STOREY, FYI, You’re Holding Your Coffee Wrong, COSMOPOLITAN, Oct 21, 2016: https://bit.ly/2LMNDIB
If a person holds the cup this way, it can be a sign that he or she is conscientious and driven to followrules.

Style, everything in control

Will Power

In many cultures, as Eric Standop underlines, the thumb is seen as a power finger.
According to him, if a person puts the four fingers through the handle while placing the thumb on top of the handle to secure the cup, it could be a sign that the person wants to exercise power and strength.



Some people like to hold or balance the cup on the palm of their hand. This scenario suggests that the person is in need of security and safety. The person could, for example, be worried about leaving coffee stains on the table or shirt. The hand under the cup could also be an unconscious additional safety measure for making sure that the cup will not drop on the floor.


Also, holding the coffee cup with both hands could also suggest that the person likes to play safe while taking no chances.


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