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The Gallery Drip Coffee shop is located at the bottom floor of the Bangkok Art and Culture Center, right next to the entrance.

Surrounded by lofty glass windows, the space of the coffee-shop is limited yet it is bursting with inspiring work of art. Guests are invited to enjoy coffee while appreciating art in a relaxed atmosphere. Pi and Natthiti use their shop to promote the work of fellow artists.

The coffee is served in simple, rustic ceramic cups, each lovingly handcrafted by local artists. The shop displays a wide variety of handmade items with creative motives and designs related to specialty coffee culture: T-shirts, cups, paintings, postcards, photography and more.

However, not all of the artwork is for sale. There is a wooden shelf, dedicated only to customers to store their private mugs. Whenever they come to the coffee shop, they have the pleasure of sipping the handcrafted brew out of their own favorite mug.

Gallery drip coffee

Gallery drip coffeePi and Natthiti love to create things with their hands and they are eager to share their passion for the ritualistic art of coffee making and enjoying. They encourage their guests to learn to handcraft coffee and to replicate the sensory experience of preparing and drinking drip coffee in the comfort of their homes. After all, the preparation of hand-poured drip coffee does not require expensive
tools or high-tech equipment.
Let’s make our daily coffee habit special!


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