Energy in coffee – four small articles

Smell, Taste, Enjoy or what is true coffee passion.

Every coffee-lover should have at least three coffee monkeys inside themselves. Each monkey has a different task. One focuses on tasting flavours. Another one explores the aromas with his/her nose. And one more monkey feels the body of the coffee.

All monkeys have to work together as a team with joy. People with a true passion for coffee take care of the monkeys inside of them. Otherwise, they would only consume coffee without enjoying it.


Many people think that caffeine is the main energy source of coffee. I don’t agree with it. The biggest energy source of coffee is passion!

I enjoy feeling the energy of aromas, flavours and textures. I love, how a cup of coffee warms me up inside. The energy of a beautiful cup, cosy space or friendly person makes me happy.

‘Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.’

Oprah Winfrey

Coffee energy

If you have a chaos in your life, just sit down for a couple of minutes and drink a cup of coffee. The aromas will give your nose pleasure.

The flavors in your mouth will precipitate positive feelings. The coffee will give you caffeine that will charge your body with energy. The hot drink will be a nice treat for your stomach. After enjoying your cup of coffee – just stand up and organize your life.

 cup of coffee
cup of coffee


I hope that I will never be able to prepare the ‘perfect cup of coffee’. Once this will happen, my passion for coffee will end. Every day, I am motivated to improve my understanding of the art of coffee. It makes me happy to discover new details. Life is a journey and the journey is the goal

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