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Coffee’s main role in affecting emotions is carried out by caffeine, which increases our levels of dopamine and serotonin, otherwise known as “the happiness hormone.”

For those with a greater sensitivity to emotion, negative effects of caffeine-generated adrenaline can, too, result. One may become too excited or too happy, and too much of anything proves detrimental. This won’t seem like a problem while you’re enjoying your coffee, but escalated emotions may prohibit you from savouring the moment’s nuances. In my opinion, for better and more mindful enjoyment of coffee, you shouldn’t only be able to understand the flavours but the emotions that the brew facilitates.  


By adding emotional meaning to a coffee moment, we greatly improve our total experience, and its value is certain to increase manyfold.
You’ll notice any number of examples in the marketplace, where similar goods are presented in different ways (with wildly different price tags). You may have a perfectly delicious coffee, but if you fail to present it in the right light, it’s doomed to remain in the shadows.


Given the overlap of products and their respective ingredients, it’s imperative for vendors to draw in customers with an emotional hook. Concerning coffee, this could take the form of ambiance—decorations, lighting, music, and the scent of the environment—or service dynamics, including what the baristas are wearing.

Once, I performed a simple experiment at my own café. Throughout the course of the same day, I wore two different jumpers: firstly, a standard grey one and secondly, a colourful one. Donning the latter outfit, I had twice as many clients. But it’s not just the fact that customers like colorful garments. Dressing to shine will make you smile, and this optimism is quite infectious. So, show yourself in a positive light, and this will surely attract good things, good people, and—yes—good money!


You can add emotional value to your establishment by adding flowers, adjusting the lighting, and promoting enthusiastic service. You even can make some space for patrons to have a cup of coffee alfresco. Whatever you do, if you do it with love, you’ll find that what follows is joyful.  

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