Specialty coffee culture is a multi-sensual, aesthetic experience. We experience the preparation and enjoyment of the coffee drink itself with not only our nose and taste-buds, but also with all our other senses. Not only do we appreciate the magic of the coffee drink in all its aspects, but we also notice and enjoy the beautiful utensils of the ritual  and our pleasant surroundings.

Photo gallery of coffee shops around The World

The material of what the cup is made of influences the flavor and aroma of our final coffee drink. As a matter of fact, the same coffee beans – prepared with the same brewing technique – will taste different if we pour them in glasses, plastic, stainless steel, ceramic or porcelain cups. The thing I love most about the art of specialty coffee culture is that it helps me to truly live in the present. It changes the way we experience the things around us. We are more aware  of the environment and the magic that surrounds us. In dong so, we start noticing details and the beauty of imperfection in everything.

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