Specialty Coffee Shops in Hong Kong – Two more interesting observations

 In Hong Kong the weather is usually hot and humid with plenty of sunshine.
 I was surprised, when I discovered that most specialty coffee shops serve their coffee drinks together with a glass of warm water. In Europe, we usually drink cold or even iced water – and not just during hot summer days. When brewing coffee, we measure the water temperature precisely. But do we really think about the temperature about the water that accompanies our coffee drink?
The more I think about the ritual of serving warm water together with the coffee drink, the more I like it. Why should we create an imbalance of temperature, when drinking coffee by serving it together with a glass of cold water?
Another interesting detail that I discovered in Hong Kong is the ritual of presenting a sample of freshly grinded coffee beans along with the coffee drink. Besides enjoying their cup of coffee, this ritual invites coffee-lovers to also explore and enjoy the aroma of the dry grounds 🙂

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