Specialty Coffee shops in Hong Kong – A personal observation

I visited Hong Kong during the middle of May 2017 and discovered an exciting specialty coffee scene.  

I recognized one interesting trend – the owner of coffee shops place a great emphasis on the interior design.

The rents in Hong Kong are sky high and the competition is tough. To develop a reputation and to keep coffee-lovers rolling in, coffee shops not only  have to serve excellent coffee, but they also have to outshine other places  by creating an inspiring and memorable atmosphere. Successful coffee places in Hong Kong are comfortable and inviting, but at the same time also unique and innovative.

Many coffee shops in Europe follow similar design patterns. Hong Kong, on the contrary,  is a laboratory of creativity that offers unique designed coffee spaces that we won’t find elsewhere.

I enjoyed exploring Hong Kong’s special coffee scene very much. It is exciting to taste delicious coffee you have never tasted before. At the same time, it is also a pleasure to experience interesting  coffee spaces with unique interior design details.




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