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This method has gained popularity in Japan. The Slow drip method is used mainly at cold brew. ”Hot” Slow drip is something like alternative between Pour over Drip coffee.

When we prepare coffee via the Drip method, we are slowly dripping water over the coffee grounds. In doing so, the water does not overflow the grind.

Hario dripper

Overview of Slow drip

For Slow Drip, you can use any dripper. Myself I prefer “Bottom flat drippers” Different is time and method of pouring of water. At regular pouring, usually I am adding more water, so water fully cover coffee grinds At “Slow drip”, I am trying to create the crater. I am letting the coffee grinds soak with water, only. Majority time part of coffee grinds, it isn’t covered over with water. The regular pour over process is faster, it can take no longer than 3:30 mins. The Slow Drip you can to do even 15 mins. At regular pour-over, the extraction is faster at higher temperature my minimum is 82 C, but generally, it should be between 85-93 C. At Slow Drip the temperature getting down and last a couple drops will maybe only70 C hot.

kettle and drop of water

The taste of the coffee with “Slow drip ” method can be amazing, very rich and strong body, a lot oils with flavours. Only sometime it is hard to create good balance.


  • Any kind of dropper, Melitta, Kalita, Hario, Kinto you can use Chemex style also, or even AeroPpres the bottom part with filter.
  • Kettle this is very important. The big difference between the pour-over and slow drip is the kettle. You should have a kettle, what will allow you to pour water with drops.
  • Scale, timer and thermometer is very important also
  • Coffee the most ideal is to grind coffee between fine to medium level
  • The best coffee will more light or maximum medium roast.
Kalita traditional kettle vs. Long neck kettle
Kalita traditional kettle vs. Long neck kettle

Add coffee grinds, they will like a hill format in the filter, not flat! Slowly pour water into the middle of grinds. Try pour water with drops, not stream to coffee grinds. First 90 s should be water stay in coffee grinds. Slowly soak the coffee grinds and paper filter.

Don’t circuit just drops to the middle, or sometimes on the side, where water does not go too much. Once you will see first drops of coffee in a cup or will paper filter soak with brown water on each side up to half high or more, stop for approx 15 s. After start brewing

View to "Crater" after coffee dripping
View to “Crater” after coffee dripping

Alone brewing is mainly about dripping slowly water to coffee grinds. You should drip consistently without stopping and only soak coffee grinds with water. Don put too much water, there will more than 1-2mm over grinds. Only soak grinds with water. You will need passion, but the result can be very good.

  1. For the method it is good have minimum 20mins ready time, don’t rush.
    1. Try pour water with drops and consistently without stopping.
  2. If you will do many breaks, the temperature of wet coffee grinds in filter will go down and it can create bitterness in your coffee
  3. The best if you will have kettle with temperature pre-set function. So you can fill up with hot water you drip kettle. The temperature of water getting very fast down.
  4. Use high quality water.
Coffee Brewer at work
Coffee dripping at Farmstory cafe, Chiang Mai

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