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The new day always starts with coffee

Many people say: “My day starts after a cup of coffee.” I say: “My day already starts when I prepare my coffee.” I wake up slowly as soon as I start smelling the aromas when opening the coffee bag and grinding the beans. I like to smell the coffee when I pour water over it and when it is ready to drink. I take the first sip of my morning coffee and I am fully awake.

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Pouring coffee to cup

Romantic coffee morning

There are many artists who write about wine, cognac or whiskey. They connect these drinks to wonderful, romantic and relaxing moments. However, a lot of people enjoy such moments only during the evenings once their stressful work days are over. Many people hope that the time in the office will go by very fast.
If we let this happen, our lives will pass like a ride on an highway during which we will be unable to enjoy the environment around us.
Why don’t we start our days with romantic moments? Why don’t we start each day with nice coffee together with our loved ones? Why don’t we create many romantic moments while working in the office? Let’s not underestimate the power of preparing and enjoying coffee.

First-morning coffee – Coffee Barista tips

Really exciting to start the morning, with myself done coffee. But on some days it is quite hard. Still, in sleepy mode, it is hard to do coffee without mistakes.
So, if I have not cafe place around, I do the first coffee with many mistakes for my brain to wake up me. Straight after making the new one for my mouse and soul.
So, I have always on morning two coffees, one for Brain and one for my Soul.:)

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