The journal is about various coffee making methods, coffee moments, coffee travel…


MAREK KUBINEK is the main photographer, blogger and covers the educational part of the journal.

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MAREK KUBINEK (Freelancer)

  • Lifestyle, Food, Coffee photography for blogs, e-shops, journals, pages
  • Specialty coffee Barista training and workshops
  • Coffee brewing training and workshops in various Coffee Making Methods
  • Coffee shop management and consultation
  • Coffee product promotional events
  • Community management
  • Blogs & Journal articles
    • News articles
    • Interviews
    • Product reviews
    • Vegan and Raw food recipe creator (Frubia)
    • Editing text

I am ready to share my experience and knowledge so that I can help professionals to create and improve their coffee businesses.

My training in the art of coffee making focuses on the following topics:
– history of coffee and the cultures associated with it
– specialty coffees – from the fruit to the cup
– presentation of alternative brew techniques – V60, Kalita wave, Aeropress, Chemex
– sharing techniques and barista tricks to craft consistently excellent espresso drinks
– milk frothing techniques to create the right texture and taste
– advice on how to keep your equipment clean
– help in setting up a coffee shop, i.e. equipment, supplies, design

Let’s work together and create a program that fits you or your team.
Prices will be negotiated depending on the length and depth of the training undertaken.
Please contact me for further information or to schedule an appointment. Link to video introduction: here

Marek Kubinek, barista

Marek Kubinek

Map of places what I have visited


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