Coffee brewer is preparing pou'over coffee

Pour over Coffee – Tip, Idea to help better brew coffee.

If we want to prepare and enjoy tasty coffee at home, it is important to keep in mind that every little detail during the brewing process matters.

They way we are holding the pot while pouring water over the coffee grounds is important. In doing so, we should use all fingers to hold the pot. The thumb should be placed on the lid of the pot. It helps to stabilize and manipulate the water flow. If you are a right-hander, hold the pot on your right hand. Use your left hand, if you are a left-hander. Maintaining stability and being able to control the water flow are crucial factors for preparing a delicious coffee drink.

Water is powerful. If you know how to manipulate the flow of water by holding the pot effectively, you will be able to work with the power of water.

The way you brew your coffee will determine the flavours in your cup. If you are not able to control the water flow, your final cup of coffee will be like a lottery result. On some days it will be good and on other days it will be worse. But it will always be different.  

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