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on March 18, 2017
Panama city

Panama City

People and cultures all over the world mix in Panama.
Today we visited the Casa Sucre Coffeehouse in Casco Viejo, Panama City. ‘Sucre‘ is the French word for sugar. And ‘casa‘ is the Spanish word for home. The name of this coffee shop symbolizes Panama’s cultural mixture.

Inside the Casa Sucre Coffeehouse, we not only soaked in excellent, balanced coffee but also the relaxed, trendy atmosphere and a ‘can-do’ spirit.
We were sitting in front of a big window. Local people were living across the narrow street. You can see the reflection of their home on the glass table, which is shown on one of our pictures below
Happy children were walking along the street. We saw the balconies, where locals were drying their colorful clothing in the sun.
Just like the coffee shop we visited before, the Casa Sucre Coffeehouse offers coffees from the Boquete region of Panama.
Besides coffee from the Elida Estate coffee farm, they also offer coffees from the Finca Lerida, the Kotowa Farms, Cafe de la Luna, the Hartmann Farms and Cafe Ruiz.
There is always time for coffee!
Release the flavor!
Cafe Ruiz in warehouse

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