Life of coffee cup

Coffee cup

What makes a cup of coffee enjoyable for you? There are many factors such as the taste, the origin of the beans, the flavours and aromas. An important factor is also the place, where we are drinking the coffee. From my own experiences I can tell that a comfortable and inspiring place can add nearly 50% pleasure and joy.

Many people think that they can enjoy coffee to the fullest in a coffee-shop. But why don’t we create our own cozy coffee-drinking-atmosphere, no matter where we are at the moment. We do not need a good looking, hipster, industrial-style, cozy, fancy cafe to enjoy coffee. We can create a wonderful atmosphere ourselves at home, at work or while going on a hiking trip.

I created my own coffee-spots in various places around the world and during the last a couple months in Ireland. No matter where we are, a cup of coffee can be amazing ‘food for our soul’ :-).

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