“Our senses are like a gateway into the world,” says Whitman.
And as we open that gateway through developing our sensory awareness, the world blossoms into a symphony of colors, scents, tastes, sounds, and touch.” – Kenton Whitman, naturalist, writer & educator 

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Let’s get out there!

Do you have any plans for the weekend? What do you do, when you need a break from your office work?

What about enjoying a delicious cup of coffee outdoors, in pleasant and stimulating surroundings?

Let’s get outside! Let’s connect to nature and our surroundings. Let’s create meaningful experiences and memories. And let’s appreciate them.

Mindful coffee-experiences are less about drinking coffee. They are more about having meaningful experiences and preserving the beauty of moments.

It does not matter if you are living next to a forest, near a lake or in a big city. Everywhere are endless opportunities to connect with nature, or to feel a deep connection with inspiring urban architecture. Let’s get out there and discover what kind of emotions and memories our surroundings trigger in us while enjoying delicious coffee!

Enjoying the simple pleasures of life – for example, in Prague, Czech Republic

We found an idyllic, quiet place next to the Vltava River, in Prague. We were sitting on the bank of the river watching the water flow. Boats and ducks were coming and going. The water of the river reflected the pastel-colored buildings along the riverfront. A brightly colored, sparkling duck was chirping. Sip by Sip, we were not only enjoying the aromas and flavors of our coffee drink but also connected with the inspiring, scenic surroundings.

“There is beauty, heartbreaking beauty, everywhere.” – Edward Paul Abbey, American author (1927- 1989)

coffee on cliffs
Outdoor coffee moments, on cliffs

Music fromwww.bensound.com Photos by bayawe.photography

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