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Flavors alone are only remembered for a short time. But once they’re connected with some other sensory or emotional response—some moment, person, place, or experience—we can remember the “coffee moment or experience” for a long time.
Emotions give even more weight to the coffee experience. Whatever feelings we have while drinking will have an impact on the respective memories. Moreover, the emotion(s) may have a strong connection to mindfulness—sometimes for bad but often for good!
A great cup of coffee should evoke emotions, just like a piece of artwork.

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What Are Emotions?

Based on medical terminology, emotions are associated with the nervous system. Once they’re activated by a situation, they bring about changes in our thoughts, feelings, behavioral responses, and sense of pleasure or displeasure.

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Emotions often manifest themselves in non-rational actions, and it can be said that emotions are a physical response to our feelings. It’s just as the tastes we experience in our mouth have a corresponding physical aspect: what’s known as “the mouthfeel.”

Function of emotions

The main function of emotions is to prepare a person for a reaction. Some can have a physical effect that isn’t pleasant—nervousness, distractedness, heat pressure, fast movement, shaking, and so on. Other times, pleasant effects are produced. These may include euphoria, the urge to sing and dance, and hot or cold feelings. It’s all about personality, and everyone reacts differently to the pressure of emotions.

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This is what makes our life interesting. Life, in my opinion, shouldn’t run in one perfect line; it ought to have some curves. Sometimes, emotions can surprise us. They can put us in uncomfortable situations. They’re not always “fun,” but in the end, having crossed the finish line, we generally only remember the good times that we had.

Emotions are the spice of life and make us who we are.

Coffee moments make our life more mindful, allowing us to stop and appreciate what we have—more than a tasty beverage.

Don’t underestimate the impact of emotions during coffee moments.

Keep in mind that they’re an important part of the experience. If you’re able to talk about your feelings, you might be able to control your reactions more easily than those around you. Once you have the power to read your own emotions, you’ll be better equipped to read situations and the mental state of others, making you more empathetic. After all, far more can be communicated through emotions than words.

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