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Coffee via cotton filter


There are many different ways to brew coffee and to create a memorable atmosphere.

Lately we are enjoying our coffee moments while using the so-called Nel Drip pour-over technique. Instead of using a paper filter, we are brewing the coffee with a reusable small cotton flannel sack that is attached to a metal handle. ‘Nel’ is short for flan –nel

Compared with a traditional paper filter, a cloth filter produces a softer, velvety wine-like final drink. The coffee is smooth and less acidic. Since the Nel Drip technique allows more oil to seep through, it produces a thicker final drink with intense aromas and flavours. 

Nel drip
Cotton filetr pour-over

We learned that this brewing technique is of Japanese origin. Nowadays, it’s still a standard Kissaten brewing method. A Kissaten is a traditional Japanese tearoom which also specializes in serving coffee and light meals. 

Each Kissaten has its own unique, nostalgic atmosphere and history which is a mixture of old Japanese and Western traditions. The Baristas are perfectionists in both brew and presentation.

The Kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement spreads throughout all walks of life in Japan. Baristas enjoy to do the same thing over and over and improve bit by bit. When brewing coffee, they care about the smallest details. Everything matters. Drip by drip they move the art of coffee brewing and presentation to a different level. 

Nel drip
Extraction at Nel drip

The inspiring Japanese concept of Kaizen and can be applied to all aspects of life.

There are many different styles of preparing Nel Drip coffees. It requires lot of practise and patience to brew well extracted cup of coffee with the Nel Drip. 

Are you ready for the challenge to brew your coffee with a flannel filter? If it wouldn’t be a challenge, it would not be worth it. In doing so, we can imagine that we are home baristas in the comfort of our very own ‘Kissaten home’ believing in continuous improvement and enjoying each moment to the max 😊. 

Black coffee made with Nel drip

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