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My ideal Kissten in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Kissaten is Japanese style of morning ritual, “Eat good with cup of coffee  on morning.” This is first step for success day.

One very good place  with name “Flour, Flour” to  do this ritual is in  modern part of Chiang Mai / Thailand. The city is called also “Capital city of coffee in South-East Asia” In Chiang Mai are many places where you can have  good cup of  coffee with amazing feeling breakfast.  But this cafe is my favorite. 

The style, when you focus mainly,  to have good balanced, feeling breakfast with cup of coffee is calling Kissaten, after Japanese city.  If you want have success day, you have to start with good breakfast. By law Kissaten are able to serve sweets and tea, but almost all will also serve coffee, sandwiches, spaghetti, and other light refreshments, as well as curry rice or set meals at lunchtime. You can also call like breakfast, brunch place. In Japan in the Kissaten places you will find mainly older generation, young people prefer modern style of cafes with light food, snacks, deserts. The place in Chiang Mai is calling Flour, Flour (@flourflourbread) and they serve mainly home made bread base breakfast.

Flour, Flour cafe here.

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