The Monk of Mokha

Book by Dave Eggers

Do what you love. Dream Big. Be Bold. Make It Happen.

The best-selling author Dave Eggers tells the inspiring story of Mokhtar Alkhanshali, a young Yemeni-American coffee-lover. Mokhtar was working as a doorman of a residential complex in San Francisco. He had a ‘safe job’, but no clear ambition. It was one of his friends who pointed out the mysterious statue of the Hills Bros. Coffee company, which happened to be located not far away from his workplace. There it was, something meaningful and magical: a statue depicting a Yemeni man drinking a cup of coffee!

sun set and Monk
Monk of Mokha, sun set

Finding your calling

It was this very moment when Mokhtar found his “calling” – his mission and purpose in life. That day, Mokhtar had a wonderful dream. He imagined traveling to the country of his ancestors to revive the ancient art of Yemeni Coffee Culture. By bringing Yemeni Coffee to the specialty market, he wanted to introduce the beauty of Yemen to the world.

With dreaming starts a reality

Mokhtar followed his dream and passion – no matter what. He studied specialty coffee culture and became the first certified Q-Grader of Yemeni heritage. Mokhtar was restless and believed in himself. His passion was feeding and energizing him.

He traveled to Yemen and educated hundreds of farmers about the cultivation of Arabica plants and coffee beans.

Make Coffee. Not War.

In 2015, when the civil war broke out in Yemen, Mokhtar found himself trapped and in danger.

To make a long story short: Nothing discouraged Mokhtar from his path! With a calm confidence, a quick mind and a charming personality, he continues living his dream.

Mokhtar’s story was lighting a spark within us! We recommend this book to everybody.  

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