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Marek Kubinek, barista

In 2016, Marek Kubinek – a freelance photographer and specialty coffee barista – initiated the Bayawe project to share his passion for specialty coffee and the culture associated with it. 

The main goal of this project is to exchange knowledge and skills related to the international specialty coffee culture. Via this platform, I not only publish blogs and vlogs, but I also aim to connect ‘Home Baristas’ from different walks of life. 

Origin of the name “Bayawe”

The name Bayawe comes from “Bhajawa” (now Bajawa), which literally means Plate of Peace (“bha” meaning plate and “jawa” meaning peace.) Bajawa is the name of one of the seven traditional villages on the west side of Bajawa town, in Flores/Indonesia, which had been established by Dutch colonists in 1907. The the other six villages are Bongiso, Bokua, Boseka, Pigasina, Boripo and Wakomenge.

Bajawa town and region


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