Mindset is your rudder in the boat of your life.

Shan White, Life Coach

Let’s be the best version of ourselves, every day!

Let’s practise mindset work with specialty coffee!

We strongly believe that being the best version of ourselves starts with a positive growth-mindset. Coffee Nomads never settle!

Our mindset determines how we think about life, the world and how we deal with challenges. Often times we will not be able to change the situation. However, it’s up to us how we think about life challenges and how we respond to it. You must be logged in to view this content.

We have no doubt that our talents and mindset can be developed through practise, effort and input from others.

Enjoying peaceful and inspiring coffee moments will help us to keep and develop a growth-mindset also during challenging moments.

Taking time to appreciate specialty coffee alone or with others encourages us:

  • to be compassionate: When we fully enjoy preparing and drinking a cup of coffee, we are kind to ourselves and to others. We care and therefore learn more about ourselves and the persons around us.
  • to focus on the positive aspects of life: If life gets challenging or if we find ourselves being caught up in negative thinking patterns, we can step aside for a few moments to refocus by consciously replace our negative thoughts with positive ones. Coffee moments will do magic!
  • to celebrate our small and big victories in life: When we accomplished a goal after working hard for it or if something good happened to us, it’s a wonderful idea to take time to savour the good times. Let’s not move on too quickly. Let’s increase our happiness.

Mindful coffee moments are wonderful mindset rituals that can be practiced daily. They inspire and motivate us to develop our many-sidedness and to be the best version of ourselves, every day.

If we make it a habit to observe the present moment with all our senses deeply while always trying to discover something new inside and around us, our mindset will shift.

When we prepare our coffee drinks we practice to focus on what needs to be done right now. Being able to focus is a skill that we can apply to every other aspect of our personal and professional life.

Last but not least, coffee moments encourage us to care about the beauty of life and aesthetics.

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.


Source: Schimschal, Sarah, 7 Ways to Keep a Growth Mindset, THRIVE GLOBAL: https://bitlylink.com/SFohs

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