Wet Process

Most of the specialty coffee is processed is via this method.
The method is called wet process because water is used to remove the outer layers that surround the coffee beans.
The final cup is clean, sweet and lighter in the body. The acidity is well-balanced.
High-quality wet-processed coffee beans are cultivated in Kenya, Ethiopia, Congo, and Colombia. You can find them mainly in Africa, South America, Australia – Pacific islands, Asia and also in Central America.

Natural process

This process is also known as the sun-dried or dry method. It’s the oldest method of processing coffee. No layers are removed. The coffee cherries dry in the sun.
Coffee that had been processed this way tends to be characterized by strong sweetness and body. My favorite natural processed coffee comes from Ethiopia, Brazil, Bali, and Thailand.
High quality natural processed coffee beans are cultivated in: Central America, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Equator, Caribbean islands, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Burundi, Yemen, Congo, Tanzania, some also in Kenya, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, China, Myanmar, Nepal, India.

Coffee cherry
On coffee farm

Honey Process

This method is complex and also more expensive.The skin and pulp of the coffee cherry are removed, but the sticky mucilage (honey) covering the beans remains.
I love to brew coffee beans that had been processed via this method. It’s challenging, but the result can be very interesting.
My favorite honey processed coffee beans are from Costa Rica and Panama. I also had some special honey processed beans from Burma.
High quality natural processed coffee beans are cultivated in: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Panamá,, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Brasil, Colombia, Perú, Mexico, Equator, Bolivia, Thailand, Indonesia – Bali, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, Antigua, Hawaii, Nepal, Laos, Myanmar (Burma)



  • Pulped Natural: Brazil

  • Giling Basah, Sumatra

A Geographical Overview

I had a discussion with a Barista in a coffee shop. He was saying to me that Honey Processed coffee beans are only cultivated in Central America. I researched the topic. This Barista is wrong. Here is what I found:

Tab of coffee beans processing around world
Geographical Tab. of coffee beans processing
World Map

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