A cup/mug of coffee – Seen as a beautiful metaphor

There are many word pictures – so-called metaphors – for our lives. Life can be seen as an adventure, a battle or perhaps a journey. Metaphors can inspire us. We use them to make sense of our lives. Word pictures help us seeing the big picture.

Coffee in Vietnam, cup of coffee
This way they serve coffee in Vietnam

Using our cups of coffee as inspiring metaphors to invite others to enter our world

A cup of coffee could be a beautiful metaphor for our lives. It certainly fits and illustrates my life. It’s a metaphor inspiring me to see all the beauty around me. A cup of coffee – in my point of view – represents not just the endless, exciting experiences which fill up our lives, but also the beauty in every person and situation. Last but not least, enjoying a cup of coffee stands for the cultivation of mindfulness by taking time to discover what isn’t obvious.

Cups – a symbol for our bodies

The cup symbolizes our body. It’s our physical structure. The body is also the visual part of our personality and the first impression about us to others. It can be seen, felt and touched. Our appearance has an effect on other people, but also on the way we look at ourselves.

Coffee – a symbol for our mind and personality

The coffee, which we put inside the cup, symbolizes our mind, soul and personality.
The unique mix of aromas and flavors are the second impressions about us to others. It can be interesting and inspiring, or flat with minimum flavors.

Coffee cup in hand
Ceramic coffee cup

The way of preparing and drinking coffee

How we prepare and drink coffee resembles our way of life. We can just drink coffee for the caffeine kick, or we can drink it mindfully to live in the moment enjoying all the wonderful flavors and aromas it provides.

What do you see in your cup of coffee?

cup of coffee
cup of coffee in mountains

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