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Find yourself in one of the inspiring coffee shops within this innovative and timeless city

Košice – the second biggest city in Slovakia – has a rich history and a long multicultural tradition. It’s a fascinating cosmopolitan city, where curious explorer can experience a special blend classic and contemporary Slovak, Hungarian, German and Jewish traditions. In 2013, Košice was the European Capital of Culture.

Košice beats with the heart of a creative, calm and resilient modern city. There is a wide range of cozy and inspiring coffee shops that are waiting to be explored within the city’s beautiful city center. Each of them mirrors the many-sided character of this unique city.

Around Hlavná ulica (street), Košice’s main boulevard and pedestrian zone, coffee-lovers can find:

The first and new café together with book store, what I can recommend is ArtForum. The bookstore with café is located on upper side of the Main street (Hlavná street  87. ) They offer espresso from specialty coffee beans.

Kávy Sveta – This place offers an interesting tobacco coffee drink. It’s being prepared via a brewing method that involves tobacco leaves.


Kaviareň Slávia – old style cafe that had been inspirited by the coffee culture of the last century. Interesting atmosphere and place. https://www.facebook.com/KaviarenSlavia/?rf=315017948577337

Halmi Place – Nice vintage style interior, the menu also offers coffee drinks that are prepared via Espresso.  Good place for Digital Nomads. https://www.facebook.com/halmiplace/

Parazol Tokyo – mini espresso bar and gallery in same passage as Halmi Place. https://www.facebook.com/parazol.tokyo/  

Cardio café  – Hidden place in passage on Hlavna street 25, run with some religion community.  The place I recommend more for buy specialty coffee beans, than to drink coffee there.

Coffee on Hlavna street, Kosice

Coffee on Hlavna street, Kosice

There are some nice coffee shops on some of the side streets.

Mlynska street

Zazza Bistro is close to Train and Bus station  –  Not only delicious fast food, but also tasty  coffee drinks, prepared with  Aeropress and Hario and single origin coffee beans.https://www.facebook.com/zazza.ke/

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Black coffee

Kovacska street:

Café Racine – nice historical interiorhttps://www.facebook.com/CafeRacine/

Hrnčiarska  street:

Raňajkáreň Rozprávka –  good place for breakfast, tasty cakes, also vegan and raw, nice seating outside and inside.


Dominikanske nam. (plaza)

DKC Veritas – culture centre and cafe next to farmer’s market run with local religion community offers very good filter and oase peace.


coffee in hand
View on Kosice

A little bit more outside of city center you can find:

Bolge Espresso & Brew bar, artisian coffee shop. Good coffee, mainly espresso, but the place is nothing special. It is located on Alvinczyho 16, Kosice, https://www.facebook.com/bolge.kosice/

Tabačka Kulturfabrik –   coffee shop during  a day, it attracts many young peoplehttps://www.facebook.com/tabackafanpage/

Dobré Bistro – good Italian style espresso https://www.facebook.com/dobre.bistro.kosice/

Kaviareň Nikola – specialty – Good espresso bar in one office building. https://www.facebook.com/kaviarennikola/ 

La Famiglia – caffé & wine house – proper Italian Ristretto


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