Slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you. -John De Paola


is an inspiring Japanese tableware company that handcrafts simple and elegant equipment for preparing and enjoying drip coffee. More and more coffee lovers around the world are now discovering this wonderful company and select their charming and comfortable products for their daily brewing rituals.

Karl Purdy, of Dublin’s ‘Coffeeangel’ coffee shops, uses KINTO’s beautiful pouring kettle, the simple 600ml SCS Carafe and filter brewer set when he enjoys his coffee at home.
(The Irish Times, April 1, 2017)

KINTO advocates the philosophy of a slow way of life:
  • Everything should be done at the right speed.
  • Each moment should be enjoyed to the fullest.
  • Life should be lived not as fast as possible, but meaningful in harmony with the beauty of nature.

KINTO’s products also promote a minimalistic and waste-free way of life. For Example, the company’s stainless steel coffee filter does not require paper filter.

You can choose from several different types of pour-over devices according to your specific taste. If you prefer coffee that has more body and a bolder taste, using a stainless steel filter would be an excellent option for you. Paper filter absorb more of the coffee’s aromatic and flavourful oils and bring out a clearer and milder tasting coffee.

‘Start  your day be filled with what inspires you. It’s about slowing down and seeing the beauty of nature in the change of seasons. Also, it’s about savoring a delightful dish with close family and friends to unwind and feel wholesome. Or, it’s about coming to understand the joys of finding things that feel just right in your hands. We imagine the scenes that enrich your life to develop and bring you products with genuine creativity and thoughtfulness.’ – Kinto Founders

Kinto coffee makers, drippers and coffee equipment
Kinto coffee makers, drippers and coffee equipment, Ilustration images from Kinto ltd.


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