KETTLES, to select the correct one is very important …

on September 11, 2017
Brewing process at coffee making


The kettle is an important device that we are using when we are brewing coffee drinks. It may not seem as important as the grinder or dripper, but it is just as important and plays a significant role in the creation of the flavours of the final coffee drink.

Kettles enable us to control the form of the water stream, the speed at which the water is flowing and the distribution of the water over the freshly ground coffee.

Kettles come in various shapes and sizes and are manufactured with different metals. The characteristics of the kettle have an effect on the water temperature and the way how the water flows.

Different shapes, sizes and metals will have different effects on the coffee extraction and therefore the final cup of coffee.

When purchasing a kettle, we also have to make sure that we can hold the handle of it easily and comfortably. The handle has to fit perfectly to our hand.

Let’s choose an aesthetic, appealing kettle that will fit our hands and personal coffee brewing preferences.

Coffee brewer prepare pour over coffee
Front glass of water, back espresso in cup

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