Brewing Equipment based on Traditional Handicrafts

Kalita is a Japanese, family-run company, specializing in the production coffee brewing equipment since 1959. Its most famous instruments are the Wave Drippers and Wave Kettles.  

Kalita not only produces functional and beautiful pour-over instruments, but it also manufactures equipment that reflect the heart of Japan.

Kalita and Hasami

The company proudly cooperates with local experienced artisans from Hasami – one of Japan’s famous rural handicrafts towns – to manufacture Japanese porcelain coffee drippers. These drippers are created with a method called Hasami yaki, a traditional porcelain crafting technique that is more than 400 years old. Hasami yaki uses a potter stone named Amakusa Touseki to create beautiful, pure-white colored, translu cent porcelain.

Youtube video, here.

Kalita and the Paulownia Tree (Japanese: Kiri Tree)

Kalita now cooperates with local wood artists from Niigata to manufacture handmade coffee mills. This year, the company is going to launch the ‘Kalita Coffee Mill Paulownia Hand Grinder.’ The creation of this grinder had been inspired by the beautiful traditionally handcrafted paulownia wooden boxes. Local experts apply unique carving techniques to emphasize the beautiful surface patterns and quality of the wood. The paulownia tree, also known the ‘Princess Tree’, is native to western and central China. It’s a Japanese custom to plant this tree, at the birth of a girl.

Youtube video about Kalita, here.

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