My own “Irish Coffee”, Black coffee with Guinness

on March 17, 2018
What is Irish coffee?

Do you think that it is a national drink which Irish people like to enjoy in the morning?

Irish coffee has a regular shot of whiskey in it. And we have to take into account that it is not allowed to sell coffee with alcohol in the morning.

In fact, you can buy Irish coffee mainly in pubs or restaurants which own an expensive licence for selling alcohol. It is not common that coffee shops in Ireland sell Irish coffee.

Irish coffee had been invented in the fifties of last century as welcome drink for the tourists who arrived at the Shannon airport. Since this airport was used by planes to refill their tanks before crossing the Atlantic Ocean, many American tourists spent one or more nights in Ireland. These visitors wanted to experience something special such as the best Irish whiskey or excellent coffee.

A creative Irish man came up with the idea to combine coffee and whiskey.

What about trying another interesting Irish coffee combination? Some people like to say that the best coffee is Guinness beer. So why don’t we try combine coffee and Guinness beer.

Here is my cold brew Irish Coffee recipe:

Use a French press and combine 10g of grinded coffee with 150g of Guinness. Put it into the fridge for 12hrs. Filter the drink with a regular kitchen sieve before enjoying it.

Please be aware that this drink contains some alcohol. You should not drink it before driving or going to work.


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