• Hario focus on Clarity
  • Wood neck focus on Body
  • Aeropress focus on Body
  • Chemex focus on Clarity
  • Kalita focus on clarity but create also a good body
  • Melita focus on Clarity
  • French Press, focus on Body
  • Clever Dripper focus on Body and Clarity
  • Moka pot focus on body
Chemex, Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

Basic equipment – Hario, scale, trimmer, kettle, coffee grinder

Some of the most important coffee drippers are described in section “History”. Each coffee dripper can cause the coffee to taste differently. I use 3-4 different ones.

For example, for naturally processed coffee beans, I will use drippers like Chemex. The final cup will be clearer and the taste will not only be sweet but also have some other flavours.

For darker roasted coffee beans, I will go for Aeropress, Moka pot, or Espresso. Decide which dripper to use. Maybe the best for dark roasted coffee will be Hario as the process you can do faster, less than 3 minutes. I prefer to use a lot dripper with the bottom flat like Kalita and Brewista. I think the selection of coffee drippers is more about personal preferences than recommendations.

Coffee brewing
Hario dripper

The easiest to use is French press, Clever dripper, and Aeropress. For large quantities of coffee, over 30g, I will go for Chemex, or some special designed dripper for “Batch” coffee. They usually prepare the coffee in coffee shops, or in oficces to thermo bottle. So it is not fresh made. French press and a very good one is Melita.


The Clever Dripper, Moka Pot and French Press are in my opinion the three most practical beginner coffee preparation accessories for home baristas.
The Clever Dripper is one of my favourite manual pour-over instruments. There is one thing that makes the Clever Dripper special. It has a patented valve at the bottom that keeps the brew from drawing down until the barista choses to activate it by placing the dripper on a cup.
This mechanism allows baristas to steep the water as long as they want. The barista decides when the coffee will be released them into another container. That way the flavours can fully develop.
It is easy to use the Clever Dripper. You will get consistent results.

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