How they can be marked coffee beans:

Microdot and Single origin coffee beans. Many times, not marked on the packaging. But you will know thanks to the price. The Microdots are more expensive, than other coffee beans.

coffee cherries
The best how to enjoy coffee. It is make it at home. Single origin or Microdots, both they can have very good result. It is depend of your skills and passion, how you will use these coffee beans.

Microlot coffee beans

This is a rather new coffee production term. Farmers are constantly searching for so-called microlots of their farm where the coffee plants produce higher quality green beans with a cupping score of 85+. Microlots are very small usually yielding from five to 100 bags; usually about 40 bags (approx. 40 x 60 kg) per year. Source:
The reasons why the plants grow exceptionally well at certain spots could be related various reasons such as the quality of the soil, shade conditions or altitude. Microlots cannot be predicted from year to year. Once the farmer have identified a microlot, they not only treat the plants with special care, but they also harvest, process and sell the beans separately from the rest of the crop. Microlot beans are often purchased at a premium shelf prices.

coffee farm in Thailand
One orchard, usually same variety, grows on same elevation

Single origin coffee beans

The phrase “Single Origin coffee” means that the beans are coming from one specific location. When coffee beans are mixed together from multiple locations, the term “blend” is used. Single Origin coffee may come from a specific coffee growing region, from a certain coffee cooperative or even from the farm. Tip: You can acquire more information about the coffee’s origin from the internet. Coffee beans should not only be identified by their country or region of origin, but also by the name of the cooperative or farmer. Some basic information about the plantation should be included as well.

bag of coffee beans Barn
Single origin coffee beans, roasted in Barn, Berlin, Germany.

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