Hario coffee dripper

My tips, how to be good Home Barista

Home Rules
  1. Homes Barista enjoy to drink and to prepare coffee.
  2. Home Baristas are interested in the story behind each cup of coffee. Every story starts at a coffee plantation that is cultivated by passionate, hardworking people.
  3. Home Baristas know and what to learn more about the history of coffee culture.
  4. Home Baristas drink coffee because they appreciate the various aromas, flavors and body of each coffee drink. The health and energy benefits are less important for them.
  5. Home Baristas create cozy and inspiring spaces to enjoy their coffee rituals to the fullest.
  6. Home Baristas are open-minded and always motivated to discover new things about coffee.
  7. Home Baristas do not have the goal to prepare the perfect cup of coffee. If this would happen, their coffee rituals will no longer inspire them.
  8. Home Baristas are happy to share their skills with others.
  9. Home Baristas see coffee culture as a bridge that connects people from different walks of life, no matter what their religious or political believes are.
  10. Home Baristas love coffee because it brings them happiness and inspiration. They do not compete or try to be ‘the best’.
  11. Home Baristas want to understand the processes of preparing coffee more deeply. They are not interested to just copy recipes.


Hario coffee dripper
Coffee preparation with Hario


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