“Some pursue happiness – others create it.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson (American essayist, 1803 -1882)

Home Barista

I met an old friend of mine the other day. We spoke about life and traveling. After a while, he said: “Marek, you know a lot about coffee. I’m sure you have a secret recipe for preparing excellent coffee at home. I would be happy, if you would share it with me.”

People sometimes ask me this question or similar ones. They start to investigate and try to find “my secret recipe.” But I do not have my secret recipe or treasure. In fact, many people are searching for a myth similar to El Dorado, the mysterious lost City of Gold.

El Dorado

 Some people hope to find an “El Dorado” – an ultimate treasure – and don’t consider to create something special by themselves. Instead of being passionate to create their own, unique “El Dorado”, they are trying to find something what they can copy, without any creative effort of their own. But isn’t it creativity – the journey of investigating, experimenting and getting to know ourselves and others better, what truly makes us happy? Isn’t also the journey itself the reward?

I like to draw inspiration from the ideas and work and others and build on them to create something new – something that works for me and makes me happy.  After all, when it comes to making ourselves happy, we need to learn what works for us. We need to explore and practise our own ideal coffee rituals and share these moments with others.

Therefore, my old friend and I will meet each other again for a coffee ritual.

Bag of coffee beans from The Coffee Collective with cup of coffee and floowers
Bag of coffee beans from The Coffee Collective

My coffee wish:

I hope that I will never be able to prepare the ‘perfect cup of coffee’. Once this will happen, my passion for coffee will end. Every day, I am motivated to improve my understanding about the art of coffee. It makes me happy to discover new details. Life is a journey and the journey is the goal

Coffee preparation via Hario V60 coffee dripper


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