Kettle and coffee filter, coffee grains, coffee brewing

High of pouring of water to coffee grains at coffee brewing

Power of water stream

Many Coffee Brewers and Baristas are not aware that the height of the water stream during the pour-over process can have a big affect on the final result.

If you pour the water into the filter from high up, the stream is stronger and can go through coffee grains fast and easier. If you pour from a lover altitude, the stream is not as fast and goes through the coffee grains more softly and slower.

Only be sure you are constantly pouring same amount of water with same speed.With this you can change a lots in coffee. The prepared coffee can be over extracted, or under extracted. This is another activity what you can’t do with automatic or semi automatic coffee brewer machine. Usually this machine pour from same high level.

I recommend to move up to down in circuit.

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