Nature is where it all begins for the Hawaiians. In fact, they call themselves keiki o ka aina children of the land’.

– M. J. Harden, Author of Voices of Wisdom Hawaiian Elders Speak

Hawaii – the 50th state of the USA – is an awe-inspiring geographical wonder, located out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Consisting of six uniquely different islands, Hawaii offers an inspiring mix of interesting environments and cultures. The four largest ethnic groups are Caucasians, Filipinos, Japanese, and Native Hawaiians.

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Kaohinani is a Hawaiian word meaning gatherer of beautiful things.

– Rob Brezsny, a writer, poet, and musician.

Being as diverse as its nature and people, Hawaiian coffees offer a variety of flavours for everyone!

Hawaii’s famous for its Kona coffee, grown on the western side of the ‘Big Island’ – as residents call it. However, Hawaiian farmers cultivate excellent coffee beans in numerous regions on the Hawaiian islands. Each of these coffees has its own unique flavours and story to tell.

Hawaii is paradise. It sounds cheesy to say it, but there’s music in the air there.

– Bruno Mars, American Singer and Songwriter

Coffee from the Kona Mountains

“Kona coffee has a richer flavor than any other, be it grown where it may and call it by what name you please.”

-Mark Twain, in 1866

Kona Coffee is a world-renowned coffee that is exclusively grown on the slopes of the Mauna Loa and Hualalai volcanoes, on the ‘Big Island’. Out of all coffee that grows on the ‘Big Island’, Kona coffee makes up about 95%.
The Kona Coffee belt of the Hawaiian ‘Big Island’ offers near-perfect growing conditions and gives the coffee a unique taste.

The main variety that is cultivated in the Hawaiian Kona region is a strain of ‘Guatemalan’ Arabica. It had been introduced from Guatemala to the region in the late 1800s and came to be known as ‘Kona Typica’.

‘A good Kona coffee is clean and well-balanced with a medium body and cheerful, bright acidity yet classically balanced and often exhibiting spicy and also buttery qualities with subtle winey tones, intensely aromatic, and with a great aftertaste/finish.’

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More Excellent Coffees from the ‘Big Island’:


Ka’u coffee has a floral bouquet, a distinctive aroma, and a very smooth taste, and is an ‘up and coming’ coffee on Hawaii.


Puna coffee is an outstanding coffee with a full body, heavy, with nutty overtones, taste. It is reminiscent of some finer moccas when roasted to a medium.


Hamakua coffee has a rich flavor with a chocolaty-smooth finish.

The Kona Coffee Guide

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