Four coffee essays

My last journey to Thailand inspired me to think differently about the process of coffee roasting.

In the recent past, I observed, how light roasted coffee became more and more popular in Europe. I remember that earlier on, coffee lovers generally preferred more dark roasted coffee.

Now, I realize, that a time is coming, where more and more coffee roasters and coffee lovers understand that different coffee beans -due to their specific characteristics – need a different style of roasting. As time goes on, the roasting style will no longer depend on whether or not the customer prefers her or his coffee dark, medium or light roasted. Instead, the roasting style will depend on bean’s  ‘inside’ and ‘character’. Just as one of my friends, a passionate coffee roaster in Thailand, mentioned: ‘Now, a time has come, where a person’s skin color does not matter. All that matters nowadays are his or her ‘flavours’ inside. And the same is true for coffee beans.’You must be logged in to view this content.

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