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French Press


French Press coffee brewing is one of the easiest preparation methods. Many people all around the world use this unique brewing device not only to prepare delightful coffee, but also tea.

However, compared to other filter preparation methods, the French Press brews coffee that could a less healthy option for some people. The reason for it is that its metal filter doesn’t filter out the cafestol. Cafestol is a substance that may cause the rise of the body’s LDL, bad cholesterol.

French Press
french Press

I recommend

to consider filtering the final French Press coffee drink one more time with a paper filter. Moreover, lighter roasted coffee beans tend to be healthier than darker roasts.

The French Press preparation

is a fully immersion brewing method. The final taste of the coffee is heavy, dense and the flavours are more complex. The flavours are balanced and don’t change much each time you take a sip. French Press coffee drinks usually don’t offer many flavour surprises. But, for the morning coffee, when you are still more sleepy, it might be the perfect option.

My way of making the French Press

French Press
Photo by Pratik Gupta from Pexels

An important decision to make it is amount coffee to be used.
How many tea spoons or grams of coffee you will use, will depend on the size of your French Press.
Usually I use the ratio 1:14 (coffee:water). For the 1:14 ratio I will use 14 grams of medium coarse grinded coffee and 200 grams of 90 ℃ hot water.

  1. Pre-heat the French Press.
  2. Pour 30 grams of water into the French Press and add the coffee grinds
  3. Mix the coffee grinds with the water by swirling the French Press, just make a few circles
  4. Wait for 15 seconds – and smell the bloom
  5. Pour the rest of the water (up to 200 grams) into the French Press
  6. Wait for 3 more minutes (Wait even 1 minute longer, if you are using coffee beans grown at a lower altitude.)
  7. Press and pour all the amount into a mug.
  8. Gently swirl the coffee around in tiny circles in the mug and wait for three minutes.

Some people do the mistake of leaving the final coffee drink in the French Press, using it as a server, instead of using another mug or container. If the coffee stays with the grinds in the French Press, the extraction process will continue. As a result, the last sips of the coffee will be rather bitter and sour.

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