Jamaica – The “land of wood and water” and excellent coffee

Not all Jamaican coffee beans are classified as Blue Mountain Coffee. They are graded into Blue Mountain No. 1 – 3, Pea Berry and Triage. Other grades of Jamaican coffee beans include High Mountain Supreme, Jamaica Prime and Jamaica Select.

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Jamaican Blue Mountain Beans

Jamaica Blue Mountain beans are soft, and mellow, with nutty notes and medium textures. – Anette Moldvaer

The sensational taste, richness and smoothness make this locally grown product a unique culinary wonder. – Neo Makeba

The Blue Mountain coffee beans are the most famous Jamaican coffee beans. They are grown in the Blue Mountain range, at the most eastern end of the beautiful island. This location is the island’s highest point with a rich soil, wild ginger flowers and rather cool and misty weather conditions. As a matter of fact,  Jamaica’s Blue Mountains have been named after the unique mist that surrounds them, giving the illusion that they have a blue colour.

Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi from Pexels

‘This is a unique coffee-growing environment, and these cool conditions mean that it takes about 10 months from bloom to harvest. That’s about twice as long as in some other growing countries and regions.’

‘Add this unique climate to the equally unusual volcanic soil, and you’ll understand why this coffee has a taste all of its own.’

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Jamaica’s Blue Mountain coffee beans are mostly Arabica Typica beans and favored for their resistance to the coffee berry disease and ability to thrive in high altitudes.

The British introduced coffee to Jamaica. In 1728, Sir Nicholas Lawes,Governor of Jamaica, imported Arabica plants from the Island of Martinique. Therefore, most of Jamaica’s coffee plants are direct descendants of plants brought to Martinique by the French in 1723.

The coffee plants developed well in Jamaica’s the Blue Mountains unique soil and climate conditions. Eventually, they developed into the distinct coffee plant varietal known as Coffea Arabica var. blue mountain, which is commonly known as simply as Blue Mountain.

First grown in Jamaica, this famous coffee varietal is now also grown in Kona, Hawaii.


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