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There is a way to make it better. Find it.  – Thomas Edison

Simple things and small shifts in thinking can change our life… and the world. Often times, we are getting too comfortable in our daily routines. We stop challenging ourselves and lose the drive in making our life more meaningful, interesting and fun.

Here is a simple, coffee-related idea – in how to make life more fun and meaningful. Why don’t we bring along our own, reusable coffee-cup, whenever we visit a coffee shop for take-away coffee? We don’t have to buy cup. Instead, we could give a ‘second-life’ to an empty, clean marmalade jar by reusing it as a take-away coffee cup. Let’s use our creativity to make life meaningful and fun. Let’s make it an exciting crafting project where we find our own creative ways to transform empty jars into coffee cups.

An additional nice advantage of using a jar as a take-away coffee cup is that we can use the metal or plastic lid to close the the container tightly. Therefore, we don’t have to worry that we spill the coffee – even if we place it inside of our bag.  

So many people are posting images with their disposable takeaway coffee cups on the Internet. Wouldn’t it be so much cooler, more meaningful and fun, if coffee-lovers would inspire other people by posting pictures with their creative and environmentally friendly repurposed jars?

Live. Love. Sparkle.

bin with take way cups
Take way cups, every city is full of them


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