Brewing is a very important part of all the processes. It is hard to say what part of the process, from selecting coffee beans, equipment, preparation, blooming or even writing the recipe for the coffee drink to be served, is most important. I think the only difference is in the time for blooming and brewing. You have limited time and you can’t really postpone the time limit like for other processes. So, there is less time for improvising like for other parts of the processes.


In this process, you are trying to soak the coffee grains with some amount of water for a specific time. Very important is blooming, when you start the first extraction and also when getting air out of the coffee grains. Later, the slow extraction, when oils and small parts of the coffee get into the water and they start to create flavour and the drink gets thicker.

kettle and drop of water
Coffee brewing

How to create the taste of coffe


This occurs depending on how often water is poured in the beginning and the time of pouring. Also, it depends of water temperature. Lower temperature can create more acidity in coffee, but sometimes it can go into astringency, or sour. The acidity you can create also with more course grinding.


At 70°C, it is going to get more acidic, but the flavour will go down. The flavour you can a lot of change with temperature of water and scale of grinding. The flavour will grow with more fine grinding, but you can lose “Clean cup”, due of too intensive flavours.


After blooming, pouring water more often is creating sweetness. The sweetness is created mainly at the blooming part.  It can create with finer grinded coffee. Also, with letting the higher level of the water over coffee grinds.


At the last stage, extraction, when we pour more often water over a longer period of time, maximum 4 minutes, we are creating stronger coffee.

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