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Coffee beans and light.

Light changes everything…

The stored coffee beans affect :

  1. Air
  2. Moisture
  3. Heat
  4. Light


Light is a form of energy – called radiant energy. It impacts our emotional health and wellbeing. There is also a connection between light and our physical world. Nearly all living organisms grow with the help of ultraviolet (UV) light (which has shorter wavelengths than visible light).  At the same time, UV light also accelerates decay.

A mix of various fats, proteins and enzymes create the unique, delicate flavours of our our beloved coffee drinks. The  mix of these individual chemicals is constantly moving and changing. When the roasted coffee beans are exposed to light, the UV radiation will accelerate the breakdown of chemical compounds. Our coffee beans will lose their freshness, flavour and become stale.


The process of light-induced decaying that breaks down pigments, fats, vitamins and proteins is called “Photodegradation”. Typically, this term is defined by sunlight and air acting together.

Both, sunlight and artificial light can speed this process of decaying. Regular lamps – since they are spreading some UV light as well – will also damage the coffee’s flavor.


Storage of roasted coffee beans – Tips

Let’s keep our coffee beans fresh – as long as possible!
If we want to maximize the flavours and aromas of our coffee-drinks, it’s important that we storage the beans correctly.

A passionate coffee-lover once told me that it is a good idea to storage coffee beans like wine: We should keep them away from sunlight, moisture, oxygen and heat.

Roasted coffee beans

Roasted coffee beans

coffee bean on light spot
Coffee beans act like tiny sponges. They soak up aromas, odours and moisture around them. Their delicate oils will be destroyed if they come in contact with air. Therefore, it’s important that we storage our beans as dry as possible in airtight containers. It’s a good advice to keep the beans in their original package. After each use, the package should be rolled down as much as possible to draw out excessive air.

Sunlight spoils roasted coffee beans.
To preserve the magic of our beans it’s crucial that we keep them in a dark place.

A cool storage temperature is another key factor if we want to preserve the freshness of our coffee beans. After all, coffee beans are food products. The optimum storage conditions are around 7°C – 15°C. The best temperature is around 7°C.

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