Do you know, how to drink coffee

on April 3, 2018
  • How to correctly drink coffee, or how do you like to drink coffee?
  • Do you mix your coffee drink with a spoon?
  • Do you drink it at once or do you wait?
  • Do drink it cold, or very hot, warm?
    What is the best way to enjoy your coffee, did you think about this?
  • Maybe it is good sometime try something new and change your habit?


Only you know, what is good for you and what you like. I wrote these questions to motivate people to think about their daily coffee ritual. I wanted to encourage people to think about, why they do things the way they do. Each person has different preferences and personal reasons.Each person will have different answers. Coffee with milk tastes different than coffee without milk. Cold coffee has different aromas than hot coffee. As for me, I like to get to know myself better and in doing so, I like to explore new things. This includes the way I am enjoying coffee.

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