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Treasure Hunting in Chiang Mai: A conversation with a local barista

While exploring the coffee-culture in Chiang Mai, Thailand, I had an interesting conversation with a barista. At one point I asked him, if he has more local or foreign customers. His answer was that he does not pay attention on his customers’ nationality.  He smiled friendly and told me that – most of all – he is interested in finding out whether or not people love coffee or not. ‘I like to investigate’, as he continues, ‘what kind of coffee drinks my guests like. Some may prefer more fruity aromas, while others enjoy chocolate notes.’ He pointed out that it makes him happy, when he is able to recommend the right coffee beans and preparation method to different guests. ‘After all’, as he told me, ‘it’s important for me that I create pleasant and memorable experiences for my guests’.


He explained me his coffee philosophy and underlined that he would never judge or comment on the preferences of his guests. According to him, it’s possible to prepare a matching coffee drink for every customer – even if there is only one kind of coffee beans available in doing so. If you understand, how the coffee preparing process works, it is possible to create coffee drinks for various different guests.

The preparation of coffee is a form of art. Generally, you don’t prepare the drink – you create it.

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