Two main coffee brewing methods


It can be any method, where the water consistently flows through ground coffee from the filter to the cup. The exit holes of the coffee-maker are open and not blocked. Pre-infusion gives you control over clarity and extraction of the coffee brewing process.

Infusion method coffee-makers:
• Chemex
• Cone dripper
• Bottom flat dripper
• AeroPress with infusion method
• Vacuum Pot
• Moka Pot
• Espresso has its own category, but generally, it’s the infusion method.

Hario dripper
Hario dripper


It can be any coffee preparation where the water covers the coffee grinds from the beginning of the brewing process to the middle or the end of the brewing process. Depending on the coffee-maker, the exit is closed for a considerable amount of time (or the entire time) of the brewing process.
• French Press
• AeroPress – immersion method
• Clever Dripper
• Cezve pod (designed to make Turkish coffee)

Turkish coffee, dzezva.

Differences between Drip and Pour-Over Coffee Brewing

Drip and Pour-Over Coffee are two different methods. Often times, we use a combination of both processes to prepare coffee. Both there are infusion coffee preparation method.


When we prepare coffee via the Drip method, we are slowly dripping water over the coffee grounds. In doing so, the water does not overflow the grind. This method depends strongly on our instincts. We analyze the colour of the water around the coffee grounds and the colour of the water that is dripping down from the filter. We also smell the coffee and listen to the sounds. We have to make sure that we keep the dripping speed constant. We can use a scale or timer, but we do not have to.


Many brewers start the Pour-Over method with the blooming process. Before the actual brewing process begins, they pour hot water over the coffee grounds so that they are uniformly soaked but not dripping wet. After the blooming, we are pouring water over the grounds. Often times, the water level is higher than the level of the coffee grounds. During this method we are also relying on our instincts, but we are paying much more attention to our pre-defined plan or recipe (ratio of coffee to water). We use a scale and a timer.  

Coffee brewing with Bayawe
Coffee Brewing

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