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Cups vs. Mugs

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes

What are the differences between cups and mugs?

There are many possible different definitions for cups and mugs. Generally, it can be concluded that the capacity is the main aspect that differentiates cups from mugs. Cups are smaller than mugs. A cup typically holds not more than 6 fl. oz. of liquid (180ml). A mug typically 8 fl. oz. if liquid (240ml) or more.

A mug is a type of cup that is noticeable thicker.

Cups traditionally come as a pair, meaning that they are accompanied by a saucer. Mugs are single utensils that stand alone.

Cups usually come with a handle on their sides. Mugs, on the other hand, can be with or without a handle on their sides.

Mugs warm your hands while you enjoy your drink. We can curl our fingers around our hot steaming mug for as long as we wish.

Mugs are generally used for coffee, hot chocolate or also beer. Cups are mainly used to drink tea and enjoyed as decorative accessories.

Did you know…

The first mugs ever were made of bones! These mugs were found in China and Japan and dated to about 10000 BCE. Ancient mugs were also made of wood.

Specialty coffee cups and mugs

Nowadays, gourmet coffee cups are being designed to maximize our sensory experiences. The shape and size of the cup influences the coffee’s aroma, flavour and taste. Like a fine wine, coffee drinks need to be accompanied by an appropriate vessel to maximize its flavours and taste.

I noticed that many specialty coffee shops serve coffee in so-called ‘coffee cups’ that neither have a saucer nor a handle. These cups come in various different shapes and sizes, while not exceeding 230ml. Tea on the other hand, may be served in bigger mugs.
It’s interesting and exciting to notice how the definition of cups and mugs are constantly in flux. The Third Wave coffee movement indeed precipitates different kinds of innovations. It not only celebrates coffee, but also all associated aspects.

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