Did you know that Prague is the home of a famous, metaphorically called ‘Dancing House’ – a building that represents the Yin and Yang philosophy of life?

Dancing house

The Yin and Yang symbol dates back to ancient China and represents the belief that everything in the universe consists of two forces that are opposing but complementary.[1] You must be logged in to view this content.

In Prague, the dynamic Yin and Yang world view and life wisdom can be observed everywhere!

Contemporary masterpieces complement ancient treasures.

Prague is home to impressive medieval architecture, ornate buildings, cobblestone streets, beautiful parks and charming neighbourhoods where we can explore witty modern art and creative business concepts.

Ema cafe

Prague’s cafes and coffee shops represent the city’s many-sided ‘Yin and Yang’ cultural spirit.

Some cafes have been around for many decades. Have you ever wondered, where Albert Einstein enjoyed sipping coffee? Then you could come to Prague. Famous artists like Einstein or Franz Kafka visited these places in search of inspiration and peace.

In Prague, we can also find an increasing number of new, blooming specialty coffee shops. All of them enhance the ‘Golden City’s’ creative vibes.

We explored various, different specialty coffee shops in Prague and experienced unique moments that satisfied our senses!

Below, you will find a list of specialty coffee shops that you should not miss in Prague.

The list includes coffee shops that:

– offer coffee drinks from fresh roasted coffee

– grind the beans freshly every time before they brew the coffee

– prepare Batch Brew or other alternative preparation methods

– make it their priority to serve excellent coffee and some small dishes and deserts on the side

–  use a manual or semi-automatic coffee machine

–  offer not only flavours, but also an inspiring environment and friendly customer service

Café Jen

[1] Carlo Miguel Lao, The Yin and the Yang: Harmony and Balance in the Workplace, Lookingglass, https://bit.ly/2wIU19D


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