ACIDITY, BITTERNESS AND SWEETNESS Every coffee has elements of bitterness and acidity. The other flavours like umami, starchiness, saltiness, and sweetness can be developed throughout the roasting or preparation process. Numerous factors, such as water quality affect the coffee’s final flavours. The majority of people connect coffee with bitterness and acidity alone. They will describe […]

Life Is Too Short For “Bad Coffee”

This is a very common saying. In fact, I’ve used it myself on numerous occasions. But that was before I’d come to appreciate the Asian view on coffee culture—one that is far more liberal. In the East, people take a less pretentious approach than their western counterparts, and judgement is splendidly lacking. Does bad coffee […]


What is “Aftertaste”? After swallowing a mouthful of coffee, every one of its elements mingle together, forming what’s known as the aftertaste. Needless to say, the aftertaste is very important. In many cases, it’s what makes a particular blend so unique. Post-imbibement, sip complete, we’re set to ask the magic question. “What does this remind […]